The Prophet’s Thoughts

This work consists of three layers with inner LED lighting and pigments. It has commanding presence and dominates its space. This work of art can be integrated as a single item, into a ‘Power Wall’, creating a strong impact on the design of the space.

The piece was created after a visit to Islamic Uzbekistan and after studying how the principles of Islam are expressed in art, of. As are all religions, the Islam is based on humanitarian principles, which respect man and glorify God. The light blue-turquoise domes are created to express belief of the connection to heaven, spirituality. Everything emanates from the Divine Order, and therefore the arabesques and lattices follow exact mathematical geometric patterns.

In this work, I chose an element of lattice work that serves as a screen behind which the women can see but remain unseen. It is created with a pentagram that is repeated with magnificent precision.

In my work the wonderful symbols of blue (above), the order of humane laws – the laws of the Prophet Muhammad – are broken, disintegrated, and are hidden below, somewhere in the deep, where they are visible through the fragments of our lives.

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