There is a different kind of concrete, an emotional experience in concrete

For years there was minimal attention paid to wall design inside and outside of houses. Indoor walls were painted white for a bare minimalistic look, or in pastel colors.

Today we have additional options of wallpaper, stickers, bricks that are not a sort of norm for wall design and they are used a lot.

The most popular material amongst interior designers today is concrete, in all colors and shapes. Concrete is considered one of the most ecological materials compared to other options. There are concrete boards, the color of concrete, sinks and kitchen surfaces made of concrete.

And then there are the sculptured wall reliefs that I create.

These reliefs are made of the most ecological and trendy concrete to speak of today. The paper thin light concrete is very sturdy.

My concrete wall reliefs are made using a unique technique which I developed over many years, the technique that enable me to work with massive dimensions.

Paper thin layers of concrete are the expression of my conceptual approach in my work.

Some of the wall reliefs include lighting which creates an emotional experience, arousing interest that contributes considerably to the design of the space.

The appearance of the work reflects a natural look and feel which pleasantly affects the ambience.

And above all that, the wall reliefs are unique art that you won’t see next door at the neighbors or at friends. They will make your home unique, they will suit the character of the house and its residents, the lighting, the space and the budget.

You, the neighbors and your friends can look for and buy the most expensive flooring, sinks, and wall coverings, but if you invest in a unique wall sculpture to be placed in your home that will most certainly be the focal point and unique conversation piece of the house.

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