The Piano Sculpture – Or Akiva

In memory of the musician Gil Sharon.

I chose to create a piano seemingly taken right off the stage of the concert hall and planted in new, different, urban surroundings – the noisy traffic circle, on a stage of exposed concrete.

The sculpture is a precise and detailed replica of a grand piano.

It is bright white in the public space, the wing curves upwards as though moving to the sound of the music, and moving infinitely upwards.

The central motif is the empty chair that emphasizes that which is missing, that which is gone.

The stage which lacks lighting or any decorative elements emphasizes the dominance of the piano.

The plants were chosen with care: near the piano spiky leaved Juniper branches jut into the air representing the bursts of melody.

Around the circle there is a jewel, a ring of white glass slivers.

The piano was brought to the circle on February 2015, on a huge truck and was carefully off-loaded by a crane onto the stage on the traffic circle, under Ilana’s watchful eye. Residents of the neighboring buildings were excited to see the shiny white creation in the midst of their daily life in the middle of the busy street.

Those who knew Gal Sharon of blessed memory, identified with the sculpture.

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