It all started completely by chance

Even though I don’t believe in coincidences….

From my point of view, art and sculpture belonged in museums.

In my childhood, though I dabbled in embroidery, paints and collages like many children of that generation, I happened to become a computer programmer starting with my military service.

Later, after the birth of my first daughter, I developed medical problems in both of my hands, and in an attempt to heal them and help myself, for the first time in my life, I joined a ceramics class.

And this is where it happened. I was captures by the magic of this very earthy material, and the new possibilities that were revealed to me, and slowly I made the decision to change my direction.

I decided to make a change…. to leave the safety of computer programming and to connect with my inner desires. I knew that this new path was far less clear than the one I was so far acquainted with, and I stood up to the challenge of the natural objections of my close surroundings, and my own fears… but my gut feeling was more positive.

Art quickly became the main occupation of my life. I set up a studio on a small terrace in the family home. Then I moved to my own studio and began participating in exhibitions. Mostly I taught myself through the wide range of literature I bought in Israel and abroad. There was no internet yet at the time.

Later on, I had a need to advance and develop and seek new boundaries. I wanted to make create much larger pieces. That is when I made a decision to try and develop a field that I had been exposed to when learning ceramics - sand casting with concrete – a technique that comes from the industrial world.

There were no written resources and I found ways through experimenting, to create the almost impossible.

I searched for a way to create a shape I had created in ceramics, of delicate paper thin leaves, attempting to challenge its boundaries.

I took this so masculine material and tried to give it a soft, tender feminine and sensitive touch. I looked for a way to continue dealing with the concept of the visible and the hidden – which I had begun to research through ceramic sculpture.

I wanted to work big, huge, and at the same time, it was important to me not to need a man to help me move my work in the studio. After a year of experimenting, I consulted with concrete experts to achieve a technique that enabled me to create huge walls of paper thin but strong concrete.

Today I am still creating, learning and developing, enjoying meeting the challenges and being excited about everything I do, inventing myself anew every morning.

Using the method I developed, I have created the entire façade of a building, amazing wall for people’s homes, and of course concrete sculptural reliefs for special places at home, the kind that affect the entire space and create a unique ambience that arouses curiosity and interest.

Contact me:

Phone:   +972 -52-4743374


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