Bells of Love

This sculpture conveys educational values, for the purpose of exposing children to the kind of positive statements as a response of a kind and a balance to counteract the aggressive , belligerent messages that are conveyed in all media such as computer games, television, children and adults around us.

The sculpture consists of three colorful cylinders

Each of them is 60 cm in diameter and about 90 cm high.

The cylinders can be turned to spin with a light touch of the hand, much like the Tibetan prayer bells.

Each cylinder has its own color scheme

And in between the various stripes, there are texts conveying positive ideas such as: generosity, giving, encouragement, acceptance, love, partnership, sharing, joy, light, brotherhood, friendship and more, as well as various complete sentences.

The children read the text on a daily bases and I believe that this has a significant positive impact over time.

The materials used are: galvanized sheet metal, colored iron cylinders

The sculpture is constructed to meet the highest standards of quality and is supervised by a safety engineer.

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