Alone in the studio

I have always worked in the studio on my own, experiencing my successes and my failures, the crises, the triumphs and the discoveries, alone. Every decision and choice on the way was a result of research, trial, examining abilities and reaching conclusions, all on my own because I developed this material and there was practically no one to give me technical advice.

Even when I had to contend with a huge project, the most I did was get assistance from someone to mix the materials. It appeared that I was unable to rely on anyone to do the work as I did, that I was not willing to make do with a result that was less than the best that I could produce.

But then one evening, while I was still finalizing the day’s work on the project of Dune Pillars for the lobby of Zukey Hashmura at Ir Yamim, she arrived. It happened when she came for acupuncture treatment at the clinic next door to my studio.

In the evening, with the lights on in my studio shining in the dark surroundings, she suddenly saw the studio and the sculptures on the wall, an unusual sight in a hangar in an agricultural area.

Hello … I heard behind my back….

When I turned to look I met Hagar, deep blue eyes smiling like someone who had arrived at the place she had been looking for… “I am a sculptor’s assistant” she said, “I work with sculptors on projects, and I do anything, I love it. That’s what I do.”

I thought to myself, that I can’t start teaching now, and again it crossed my mind that no one could do it like I can….

But then a week later, I was invited to fly to New York, to stay in an amazing apartment on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, an offer that was time dependent and limited. Suddenly my work time was shortened; I had to finish this large project in two weeks, so that I could leave it to dry while I toured New York. I didn’t hesitate for a moment, since when the universe sends us opportunities, we must say yes to them, and that is what I have been doing for years, since I have changed the programming on this matter.

Right on the day I called, Hagar appeared in my studio. I explained and showed and taught on the one hand with trepidation, on the other with assured that it would succeed. Hagar rallied to the task, she was charming, attentive, offered help that I had never even dreamt of getting, and suddenly it seemed possible, easy, and so pleasant to work like this. Hagar mixed the materials according to a formula, kneeled on a cushion exactly like I do, and poured and spread the concrete and placed the mesh exactly like I do. Thanks to her work, I managed to do twice as much. Since this it so much easier and faster, doing things in the studio with an extra pair of hands, I found I was making a healthy lunch for two and taking organized, pampering breaks which I never used to do for myself.

When I returned from New York everything was ready for installation in the lobby. I was not only on schedule, I was even early. The Dune Pillars were set up by Bereshit’s team headed by Kobi, and I did all the finishing work with Hagar. The two pillars at the Shikun & Binui Zukey Hashmura towers stand 5.5 meters tall and together with the curved desk counter, serve as the basis for the design of the lobby.

Life in the studio had changed; the work was finished on time. The next project, the Piano for Or Akiva, began with Hagar and I working together pleasantly and productively, researching, understanding how to create the complex piano with all the fine details. The Piano Circle on Hanassi street in Or Akiva, has become a landmark. I even heard a bus driver remarking about whether he would or wouldn’t stop at the “piano”...

Today I cannot imagine working on a project without Hagar’s wonderful and pleasant help. I have learned to let go, to believe…

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