About Wall Sculptures / Wall Reliefs

Ever since the dawn of cultural history, man has been creating wall reliefs. The early Egyptians wrote entire stories on the walls of buildings in a unique manner, so that the movement of the sun emphasized a different part of the relief/the story, as did the Persians and the Assyrians and other historical nations.

So what is a wall sculpture? Or a relief? It can in fact be a complete sculpture where just the very tip of a foot is touching the wall behind it, or it can be a stone tablet with a few flat subtly emphasized engravings.

One way or another, the wall sculpture has a significant role in designing walls and space of buildings. Especially due to the fact that wall sculptures project from the wall, means that they have a strong impact on the design of the space, the ambience that is created and the feeling one has in this space.

When a wall sculpture contains lighting that emanates from inside it, illuminating parts of the sculpture, a narrative event is created that positively influences people in the space.

Wall sculptures and reliefs have always been used as an artistic addition that glorified palaces. Today they grace homes, cultural institutions, businesses and commercial buildings. There is a deep understanding today of the need of raising the standard of living, and introducing uniqueness to the spaces we visit, by adding works of art.

They are used to create power walls - walls that aspire to bring presence and significance to the space, they are in lit niches, and they greet visitors at the entrance to buildings and homes.

They can also be minimal, delicate, and intimate and add to the atmosphere of a bedroom.

The more abstract and unrealistic wall sculptures are, the easier it is for everyone to connect with them and project their own personal internal interpretation on them – which is the true beauty of art.

In recent years we have witnessed an increasing trend of design returning to raw materials, the natural true form – concrete, iron, earth materials etc. Concrete is becoming a significant raw material in the design of our environment and our lives.

In my work, the concrete is for the most part monochromatic in quiet shades that blend with minimalistic design.

In white spaces, clean and absolutely empty, there is a need for a wall sculpture to be placed on one of the central walls, which validates it and gives it significance while maintaining the level of minimalism of the décor. This kind of work invites people to connect with the most basic of their sources and open their hearts, to be present in nature within the designed harmonious space.

Would you like to change and redesign your spaces to look a little different, and give a different vibe?

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