Sculpted playground facilities are intended to ignite the imagination and creativity and to add an extra dimension to family activities, while emphasizing values, through play and experience with color and motion.

We are used to art being in museums, distant and inhibited.

Here in the presence of sculptures inspired by artists such as Gaudi in Barcelona and Niki de st. Phalle in California, parents and children alike are given the opportunity to be spontaneous around art, to experience art directly, touching the sculptures, romp around them and use them in their activities. The dimensions are suited to toddlers.


The sculptures are made of concrete on an iron frame using epoxy paints.

Each of them is anchored to the ground with poured concrete.

The design of the sculptures was reviewed and approved by the Israel Standards Institute.


This is a series of sculptures which in addition to their artistic value have a public appeal for children and families. The sculptures are inspired by the children’s book “Built a Tower From Blocks” (Migdal Shel Kubiot Baniti, by Dvora Omer), and through this series of sculptures, I found a way to convey a world of joy and optimism to toddlers, connecting the naiveté of childhood, introducing the toddlers to these blocks which are familiar from kindergarten and reminding us of those very uncomplicated stories in the book.

The sculptures motivate children, their muscles, their coordination, as well as their intelligence and emotions.

The work connects children with a colorful ‘candy like’ world. The rich colors are stimulating. Color is a language that speaks to emotion, in the same way words speak to the intellect. This here is the beginning of experiential learning.

There are no definitive drawings and no definition of boundaries.

In fact the colorfulness which offers no defined concepts such as flowers or butterflies, invites children to project their inner world and provide their own meaning to the surroundings they find themselves in.

There is an opportunity for enrichment, development of imagination, to add to the interactive dimension.


In one of his essays, Albert Einstein discussed the important role of imagination, saying that “Imagination is more important than knowledge” as it stimulates progress, and develops knowledge.

This set of sculptures arouses curiosity and adventure. The toddlers can crawl under the “train” and the arches, play among the sculptures with each element, inviting interaction between the sculpture, the children and their friends.

The sculptures’ dimensions are suitable for toddlers.

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