My Story

I started out with a love of mathematics; I was a member of the first IBM team at the IDF Center of Computing and Information Systems, back when computers were the size of a large hall.
When my eldest daughter was born, I changed directions. Drawn to working with my hands, I bought clay and started creating. The clay eventually led to concrete, to integrating my knowledge of the two materials, my love of learning and my inclination to being autodidactic.
I developed a new technique; I searched for ways to transform heavy, rough concrete into an accessible lightweight, soft and inspiring raw material.
Twenty years of research and a great deal of trial and error, lead the way to creating varying sizes of sculptures for spaces that surprised even me every time: wall sculptures for luxury homes (in Caesarea, Savyon, Haifa, Manhattan New York and others), hotels (Hilton, Golden Tulip, Daniel and others). People who stand before these sculptures are excited, deeply touched by the gentleness that they discover in the concrete, and how by how it reminds them of primordial landscapes.
I have since been requested to create massive wall sculptures (100 square meters) for the facades of buildings (Yad Levanim in Migdal Ha Emek, MUSA, the Hof Carmel Regional Council cultural center etc.). I then went on to develop methods and styles other than wall sculptures, and designed outdoor sculptures for town squares and roundabouts (Herzliya, Kiriat Gat, Holon, Pardes Hanna-Karkur, Or Akiva) sometimes integrating lighting and more constructed shapes. 
My studio in Pardes Hanna produces personally designed, custom-made sculptures, pieces made to meet clients’ requests. After my initial meeting with them, I work with their interior designer, to profoundly understand the space and its lighting.
Awareness of the importance  of the environment has inspired me to develop an innovative method of making strong but light weight ecological concrete, made from recycled materials that extract nothing from nature. The work is done with painstaking care, uncompromisingly ensuring every accurate detail for a perfect fit for the project, the environment and the client.

Amongst my clients:

Hilton Tel Aviv, Golden Tulip, Hotel Daniel, Herzliya

Herzliya Municipality, Holon Municipality, Kiriat Gat Municipality, the Hof Carmel Regional Council, Pardes Hanna Municipal Council, Or Akiva Municipality.

Shikun & Biuni - Ir Yamim, the Scientific Industries’ Centre Haifa, Ben Gurion University, Architects offices and private clients in Israel, London, New York and Boston.

My Stories

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Phone:   +972 -52-4743374


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